new standalone builder question

sims sims at
Fri Apr 30 00:58:05 EDT 2004

>  >With the old standalone builder I could add all the icons
>>and patterns from Rev & MC into the standalone.
>>How do I do this with the new standalone builder?
>They are found for you from the image libraries.

I've been using an all purpose splash stack for a few projects and
then swapping stacks to the bundle (stacks that need to be saved).
The old standalone builder gave me the option of adding various
libraries/stacks to the splash (standalone) which could then be used
by any stack which I added to the OS X bundle.

In essence, I've been using what amounts to a player that enabled me to place
stacks inside an OS X bundle (the splash/standalone)  and have them use
libraries/stacks in the bundle.

The icons & patterns are not found if they are used in the stack that 
I add to the
OS X bundle (splash), also if that stack which I add to the bundle 
uses the lib for
internet functionality then that does not work until I add a fake btn 
to my splash
stack (iow include a fake script to the splash).

Looks like I'll have to redesign what I'm using.


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