OS X screen saver - somewhat off topic

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Tue Apr 27 18:17:03 CDT 2004

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions, however none of them will do 
what I need. Using either AppleScript's quit of the shell's kill (with 
or without -9) works fine if you have started the screen saver by 
pushing the mouse into the specified corner. If the screen saver has 
come on after it's set time, both these methods stop the current screen 
saver process but another one is immediately started.

The alternative techniques of moving the mouse or "pressing" the space 
bar do nothing.

Thanks Dar, for the info about pmset - I'll test using that to wake up 
the monitor after sleep. Meanwhile, I guess I just have to make my own 
slide show screen saver :-(


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