Demo Show Stopper - Save File Dialog

David Burgun dburgun at
Mon Apr 26 15:13:43 CDT 2004

Hi Chipp,

Thanks for this, I changed the preference (was set to don't close) 
but it made no difference.

Yes, the files have different Stack Names.

One other thing I noticed that is odd and it may have something to do 
with what is going wrong.

When I have the Stack Window open in the IDE (with "Pointer" mode 
selected) the IDE's menu is showing. If I then select the Stack 
Inspector and then click anywhere within the Inspector window, the 
menu bar changes to my App's menu bar!!!!!

This is with the Dummy Place Holder Stack open which holds the 
menubar and calls other stacks depending on the menu item selected by 
the user.


>Sorry you're having so many problems.
>Here's a couple things to you might try (if you haven't already):
>1) Check the prefs -> Files & Memory. Click the radio button which 
>says "Close the file"
>2) Just a thought, both stacks have different filenames, but do they 
>have different stack names? If not, then I would change them so they 
>As an aside:
>The RR IDE isn't really meant to be the app runtime environment. If 
>what you're wanting is to demo the product, you may consider making 
>yourself a standalone launch stack exe with a single button which 
>launches your stack. That way, you don't have to rebuild a 
>standalone each time you make changes to your stack. Just launch the 
>launch stack exe and press the button. Things should work better 
>that way.
>Good luck!

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