Runrev cgi and Webhosting providers

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sun Apr 25 21:43:27 EDT 2004

Hi Revolutionaries!

Thanks to everyone of you, who share your valuable
experiences about rev cgi support in webhosting

Looking in the web for references anout the 
mentioned websites,i found this site:

Here, they rate the webhosting services, including 
the sites mentioned.

I'll keep reading the reviews offered in this site,
visiting their users forums and reading more about
the offers and options available in these 3 webhosting

If my budget were big enough, i'll get an account in
every service and test the same procedures in each.

Jackeline, Richard and Ken are professional developers
and i'm sure that no matter what webhosting service
they choose, the RunRev cgi engine will work for 
them. :-)

Thanks again and keep up your good work!


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