Revolution as CGI in OS X

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Apr 21 16:20:00 CDT 2004

On 4/21/04 8:35 AM, Gregory Lypny wrote:

> But I need to experiment with some basic cgi scripting first, and all I 
> need is the basic set up.

I've mentioned this before, but here it is again:


This is a copy of my notes from my presentation on cgis at the RR 
conference in January. It also contains sample stacks and files.

If you are running Mac OS X as your server, you'll need to download the 
Darwin CGI engine from the RR site. You can't just copy the RR OS X app 
from your regular distribution. I believe on all other OSs, you can just 
move the regular RR app to the CGI folder.

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