Command-A not working in OSX Standalones

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Apr 12 01:43:44 EDT 2004

OS X 10.3.3
rev 2.2

Please try this and confirm or tell me you can get it workging:

I have this button contents in pulldown button menu named "Edit"

Select All/A

and this in the script:

on menuPick pWhich
   switch pWhich
   case "Cut"
   case "Copy"
   case "Paste"
   case "Select All"
     if the mode of the topStack is not 1 and the selectedField is empty 
       exit menuPick
     end if
     if the selectedField is not empty then
       if the lockText of the selectedField then exit to MetaCard
       select text of the selectedField
     end if
   end switch
end menuPick

this works in  the IDE... but if I build a stand alone and use it as a 
player and open a stack with the above button... the cmd-X, cmd-C, 
cmd-P all work as expected when text is selected.  But if the insertion 
point is in a field and you hit cmd-A, nothing happens... if I chose it 
from the menu, it works, but now with the cmd-A key??

Any clues on how to fix this? Cmd-A to select text is a universally 
expected behavior.

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami
Himalayan Academy Publications
at Kauai's Hindu Monastery
katir at,

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