Convergence using find?

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Wed Apr 7 16:47:37 EDT 2004


I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for converging to the nearest 
number ( if the desired number doesn't exist) in a sorted field?

I have a field with 60,000 numbers sorted numerically and I have used 
the find command in combination with a repeat loop to converge to the 
nearest matching number.

One question I have does anyone know the find algorithm being used (is 
it a Binary search where the field is constantly cut into half to 
search for a number between 1 and 1,000,000 that is in a sorted field 
this would take 7 loops to converge which is quite quick)

Currently I am trying...this works but is there another way?

on mouseUp
   put 20 into x
   repeat for the number of lines in fld "atest"
     find x in fld "atest"
     if the foundtext is empty then
     put x + 1 into x
     put the foundline
     exit to top
   end if
   end repeat
end mouseUp



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