saving within a standalone?

Cubist at Cubist at
Sun Apr 4 22:18:04 EDT 2004

sez engleerica at
>The metacard engine on windows would not allow a standalone to be modified
>and saved (for reasons I've never really understood). Anyway, I expect this
>is the case for revolution as well. In MC I would export the data as RTF. But
>again, the issue is popping up. I'm hoping that someday Rev will allow a 
>contents to be changed by the user.
   Forget it -- ain't never gonna happen. The Mac OS allows a running app to 
modify itself, yes, but neither Windoze nor Linux/Unix do, and I rather 
suspect that Mac OS X doesn't either. You're gonna have to fake it. Fortunately, 
this is not difficult. While the standalone proper cannot modify itself, any 
stacks that are run by the standalone *can* modify themselves. Thus, let your 
standalone be a glorified "splash screen", and let it open up the stack which is 
your *real* app.

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