Can Standalones Do "do"?

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Sep 22 16:58:00 EDT 2003

On Monday, September 22, 2003, at 03:05 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:

>> You cannot set/replace any script longer than 10 lines.
> For now. Look at the Additional Comment #2 for bug 546.
> But Kevin also said that Rev may consider special licensing for people 
> with unusual needs. Search MC list archives.

If setting scripts may need to go someday, then we may need to consider 
why we are doing that.

For upgrading controls, I'm looking at methods that allow replacing the 
control based on core properties.  Perhaps some enhancements can help 

For function values, that is, values that I can use like functions, I 
have a crude method that uses 'do'.  If there is some method that 
allows compiling once and applying many times, then setting scripts 
becomes less interesting.  I suppose it is possible that Kevin will 
consider this as being just as bad as setting scripts.

It seems a limited setting-scripts ability is currently available, but 
we need to look toward the future with eyes wide open.

Dar Scott

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