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Fri Sep 12 21:17:00 EDT 2003

On Friday, September 12, 2003, at 01:29  AM, xbury.cs at 
> I've tried the RR editor and Im definitely not as happy as with my 
> own. It has lots of nice
> features compared to the lame MC editor. But I've put in many more...
> I've added lots and lots of features (like breakpoints moving along 
> with your
> script editing, line numbers, auto-completion, grep-searching (grep 
> replace to come),
> coloring, superb-indexes for functions, handlers, variables, 
> structures, etc... Non-transcript
> function lookup, Balancing, auto-completion, type-ahead, editable 
> Script and GUI colors.
> To name a few ;)


For my Emacs xtalk-mode, I've done syntax coloring, and have moved on 
now to code indention. I'm reading the revFormatField handler of the 
revScriptEditor (IDE editor) however I'm not understanding the code 
very well.

Do you have a transcript code indent algorithm/handler you can share? I 
would rewrite it in lisp to go in my xtalk-mode.


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