[ANN] MLXEditor - runrev plugin for script editing with ANY external editor app

Alex Rice alex at mindlube.com
Fri Sep 12 01:14:00 EDT 2003



Do not proceed unless you live dangerously

and debugging other's code is a pleasure


Actually it's not that bad. But this is kind of a tricky plugin.

Does anyone want to look at what I've written so far?

I could use someone knowledgeable of the IDE rev* internal scripts who 
help me improve error handling and debugger interaction. The idea with 
the debugger is that: external editors can't act as a debugger, that 
when the user wants to debug, the built-in script editor would be 
allowed to startup.

Currently I'm doing this by making the user hold down the SHIFT key- 
but there has got to be a better way.

Also I would like to pass exceptions and script compilation errors 
through to the IDE's own error dialogs, but couldn't figure out how so 
just wrote my own error handlers using the answer dialog.

* The Help card of the mainstack has a bit of documentation.
* scripts are unlocked- please suggest improvements or bug fixes
* tested on Rev 2.1, Mac OS X.
* Is 100% transcript so should work with other OS



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