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> Found it folks!
> On OS X systems the folder //Network contains a reference to the local
> computer, which is where you started, so round you go again.
> I made a specific adjustment at the beginning of the handler, thus:
>     function walkDir dirPath
>       if dirPath contains "//Network" then
>         return empty
>       end if
>   -- etc as before
> Running this worked across the entire root volume, returning over
> 230,000 files in a 24MB list (maxDepth 18 as expected), no problems.
> The same circularity will equally affect an iterative routine, not only
> a recursive approach, so whatever you do you need to protect against
> the specific problem or simply not allow a user to walk from root. The
> point of this exercise was to confirm that stack size did not limit a
> recursive approach.
> Note also WA's apparent problem with an X11 sub-folder, although
> aliases did not appear to have added any circularity in my testing. Any
> routine should also be tested specifically on a Linux or Windows
> platform if it will be deployed there. The testing code comprises
> displaying the current path every time you hit a new maxDepth.
> regards
> David

If this post is redundant don't read it.
My workaround "OS X only":

on mouseUp
   put empty into field "result"
   answer folder "Pick a folder you want to walk:"
   if it is empty then exit mouseUp
   if last char of it <> "/" then put "/" after it
   put walkDir(it) into field "result"
  end mouseUp

-- This recursive function expects a folder path.
-- It returns a file list for that folder and for each
--  sub-folder it contains (pre-order search)
-- Invisible files are excluded.

function walkDir dirPath
#### could take a long time so to give something to read meantime
   put  dirPath
   -- add 1 to isDepth
   -- if isDepth > limitDepth then
   -- put isDepth into limitDepth
   -- put limitDepth
   -- end if
   put empty into tList
   set defaultFolder to dirPath
   -- Dar's discovery. Check permissions were ok
   get the Result
   if it is not empty then
     -- subtract 1 from isDepth
     return empty
   end if
   put the long files into fList
   put dirPath &  return after tList
   ### to eliminate invisible files	
   filter fList with "[!.]*"
   repeat for each line fLine in fList
    put  dirPath & item 1 of fLine & comma & last item of fLine & return 
after tList
   end repeat

   #### change to eliminate the aliases
   get shell("ls -F")
   filter it with "*[/]"

   ####  decoment to eliminate
   ####  apps folder investigation
   repeat for each line l in it
     set the directory to dirPath &l&"/"&"Contents"
     put the folders into a
     if "MacOS" is in a and "Resources" is in a then
       --put  dirPath &"/"&l & return after tList
       put  dirPath & l & return after tList
       put l &cr after tList2Delete
     end if
   end repeat
   repeat for each line l in tList2Delete
     delete line lineoffset(l,it) of it
   end repeat
   repeat for each line x in it
     put walkDir(dirPath & x) after tList
   end repeat
   -- subtract 1 from isDepth
   return tList
end walkDir


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