XML Library and diacritics: how to?

Jo=?ISO-8859-1?B?6w==?=l Guillod joel.guillod at net2000.ch
Tue Sep 9 11:11:01 EDT 2003

How can I set the value of an attribute when this value contains non *pure*
ASCII characters, i.e. diacritics?

For instance:

 revSetXMLAttribute docid,theNode,"Joël" -- does not work
 revSetXMLAttribute docid,theNode,uniEncode("Joël","UTF-8") -- does not work
 revSetXMLAttribute docid,theNode,fld "containing Joël" -- does not work

This works but is not convenient:

 revSetXMLAttribute docid,theNode,the htmltext of fld "containing Joël"

What is the clue?

Should the uniEncode() use some other language than UTF-8?

Thanks for actual answer!

Joël Guillod

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