Revolution 2.1 IDE speed/performance issues - normal?

Andrew Heil heilandrew at
Mon Sep 8 04:11:28 EDT 2003

I'm evaluating v2.1 of Revolution on Win98SE.  Any window in the IDE - looks
like they're all forms, apparently - hangs for approximately 6-8 seconds when it
first comes up.  Scripting windows, new form windows, property ("inspector")
windows, documentation windows - doesn't matter.  Automatic 6-8 second hang
before they can be used, dragged, closed, whatever.

When I click on a button or menu item the IDE's main bar to bring up a window,
such as an Inspector or Script window, it takes approx. 15 seconds to appear -
and then there's the same 6-8 second delay after it's displayed, on top of it.

Let's not even talk about how long it takes compiled apps to run.

Is this normal?

Granted, I've got an old, slow CPU (500MHz AMD K6-2) but, somehow, this seems

Thanks for your help -
Andrew H.

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