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Alex Rice wrote:

> By why are you posting this? Just couldn't resist an opportunity to
> bash OS X?
> That's kinda funny because there are numerous OS X users on this list,
> and if you look at, all the screenshots are of OS X. Go
> figure! Yeah it must really suck.

Actually, aside from shots of OS X-specific features they seem to have them
available for most supported platforms.

In all fairness to Xavier, while his post might have been worded more gently
his point is relevant, as I quantified in my last post.

We need to keep in mind the critical distinction between the developer and
the end-user.  While its appropriate for RunRev's site to focus on the
developer, and even to acknowledge that a disproportionate number of Rev
users are Mac folk, priorities for the engine itself are best served by
focusing on the end-user.

Rev provides true platform independence.  The OS a developer uses is largely
irrelevant in the bigger picture -- it's all about the end-user.  I'm
writing this on OS X, and with yesterday's announcement from Microsoft about
the discovery of five more security holes in their Win32 products I'm pretty
happy with what I'm using.

But I don't matter.  Only my customers matter.  In my work, I am nothing
more than a conduit between the engine and the end-user.  Their needs define
the features I build, and the capabilities of the engine determine the order
in which they are implemented.

People use Windows.  I may believe this puts them at unnecessary risk, but
like I said, I don't matter.  By this time next year, most analysts predict
Linux will be #2 on the desktop; some even predict a 10% market share, which
would be four times Apple's.  We have no native appearances for either.

Rev's support for Aqua looks great.  IMNSHO, it's time to address native
appearances for the other 97.5% of the people who ultimately pay the rent
for all of us including RunRev, our end-users.

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Great quote.  I love Ani!  I hope having her own label makes her as wealthy
as she could ever want to be (sure beats making $0.05 on every $15 CD like
most labels pay their artists <g>).

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