Print dialog bug

Neville Smythe Neville.Smythe at
Tue Sep 2 20:07:01 EDT 2003

A strange bug ...

The print dialog in Rev 2.1 suddenly stopped showing me all the 
printing options (HP4100 printer, OS X) ... the "Copies and Pages" 
option and a couple of others disappeared, the pop-up menu starting 
from "Layout".

Some code in the stack I am developing (presumably revShowPrintDialog) 
must have kicked it off, but it persisted in Rev when I closed the 
stack, although other apps show the full menu (which is reasonable, the 
print dialog object is re-used by the application after its first 

Difficult to register as a bug since I can't reproduce it; on quitting 
Rev and relaunching the dialog returned to normal.

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