command-line/CGI Revolution engine questions

Monte Goulding monte at
Tue Sep 2 01:10:01 EDT 2003

> >
> > How is it harder than Perl?
> Using Rev for shell scripting seems kind of like a mismatch so far. I
> guess I just got off to a rough start.
> I worked with it an hour or two today when I could have just done it in
> Perl and been done in a few minutes. Admittedly I was in a hurry and it
> wasn't a good setting for the experimentation required.
> Also it worries me that command-line and CGI usage of Rev seems to be
> undocumented. People on the list keep saying stuff like "how do you get
> XYZ to work in the command-line/cgi engine". Pierre just said some
> graphical related stuff doesn't work but I don't understand why not, or
> what wouldn't be expected to work.
> Perl is difficult in it's own ways. But Perl is intended for Unix shell
> scripting and it has a lot of idioms that make it really useful for
> that kind of thing. And easy, after you learn it's bizarre syntax.
> > Can you not build upon the hello world you did?
> No I could...
> Speaking of that script, do you know why it's output is wrapped with
> the lines "external startup", "external exit"?
>    #!/usr/local/bin/mc
>    on startup
>      put "hello world"
>    end startup
>    ./
>    external startup
>    hello world
>    external exit

Hi Alex

The current CGI engines have had the externals imorted in at compile time so
they are accessible. I don't know why Tuviah has added the external
debugging output???

If you don't want xml parsing or databases then you could always use the
older engines from

Errors are also written to stderr



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