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tkuypers at tkuypers at
Mon Sep 1 13:36:01 EDT 2003

Could anyone tell me how to search for 3 returns in a textfile and replace
them by 2 returns...

I am using Revolution, to do some automated layout in Adobe InDesign, but
can¹t seem to find how to use special characters in a search and replace
string using AppleScript...

When using the following script, InDesign "unexpectedly quits"...

tell application "InDesign 2.0.2"
    set find preferences to nothing
    set change preferences to nothing
    tell active document
        set vSearch to return & return & return
        set vReplace to return & return
        search for vSearch in active document replacing with vReplace
    end tell
end tell

Any other search & replace works fine, but how do I get rid of those

Any help is welcome, I¹m afraid the guys on the Adobe list are sleeping, no
reply there at all :-((

Many thanks in advance,

Ton Kuypers

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