How to display mp3 or mpeg files

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Sun Nov 30 19:35:13 EST 2003

Hello Claude,

> Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 10:20:29 +0100
> From: "opus.species at" <opus.species at>
> Subject: How to display mp3 or mpeg files
> I produce educational cd-rom for kids. 97% of my customers have Windows
> computer and 3% Macs.
> How to display mp3 or mpeg files from Revolution for my Windows users ?
> Quicktime is not an issue because most Windows machine do not have
> Quicktime and most kids are not allowed by the schools or their parents to
> install new pieces of software on the computer (they dont have the admin
> rights in XP).
Set the dontUseQT property to true, and it should revert to using Windows
MediaPlayer which should play MP3's and MPEG files in a player object. Also
depends whether you want to play short embedded clips or full movies/sound
recordings from files.

Looks like you should sit down and do a full read of the multimedia docs, if
you haven't already. There is lotsa stuff in there.

Ken N.

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