image viewing in rev app

Bob Hartley bob at
Sun Nov 30 05:59:08 EST 2003

Hi all.

Ken: unfortunately I need to use this formatt since it is what my 
microscope outputs. I have the latest biorad-laser microscope and the image 
files are about 400Mb. I can convert it to other formats but then the 
manipulation is not really feasable. I'm not too bothered about this really 
since I can use my other apps. I jst fancied writing this into an image 

Also I have a friend that is a computer programming genius. (honestly), 
however he went to san diego 4 months ago for 2 weeks, and he is still 
there. I'll wait for him to come back and he can wrote something for me. I 
just wanted to know if runrev could handle it. I didn't want to learn a 
development environment if it was notr expandable to my future needs.

Runrev fits the bill perfectly and I'll buy a licence when the 30day trial 
runs out.

My first project it so develop a free app for students. But more of that later.

Thanks for the info.

Bob; in "Sunny Scotland", 40 miles away from runrev HQ. :-)

Dr. Robert Hartley
email bob at

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