Stacks Hiding Behind Backdrop?

katir at katir at
Sun Nov 30 01:55:54 CST 2003

> Nice try but on resume the backdrop indeed returns, but as the top
> layer on the screen with the stack hidden behind it.

Jacqueline wrote:

>Persistent bug, isn't it? Does this work?:

>on resume
 > send "set the backdrop of me to black" in 5 milliseconds
>end resume

>Just shooting in the dark here...

You never know, shooting in the dark... 
a script error fell out of the tree... gee
But, I think he's ok...

on resume
  send "set the backdrop of me to black" in 5 milliseconds
end resume

would not compile.. though it looks fine to me. I checked docs, syntax looks fine... mysterious...

This appears not work-around-able...

so, we may have to leave the default for standalone presentations be no backdrop with a menu option to hide it.. but even that could get  sticky.  If the user is a presentor/teacher with two monitors,  turns on the backdrop, trying to prepare herself for tomorrow's class, switches to email, comes back to the standalone on the main monitor --the stack is gone (hiding underneath the backdrop)... ouch! this really needs fixed. How could anyone say "look at this great software" when you can't even trust hiding the desktop? obviously for a class or serious presentation in a ballroom, you have to hide the desktop. 

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