Sendmail CGI generates Apache error

katir at katir at
Sat Nov 29 17:04:12 EST 2003

Due to spiders harvesting email addresses from our web sites, which results in a flood of spam, we are planning to remove them all and use a form-post-to-cgi model. I would like to use transcript.  If anyone has invented this wheel already, email me off list.

The following actually works, the mail is sent, but it is followed up immediately with an error msg from the server... any ideas? for some strange reason the error is not logged into the webmaster/error log... i suspect that's because in fact it works,  ie the email *is* sent.... does apache expect us to handle stdout?  But, there is none...? 

## disclaimer: this is just a start, we obviously need 
## a lot of error checking for user input
## and feed back to the user by http... which will all
## be added later.

on startup
   read from stdin until empty
   ## put the form data into an array,
   put  urlDecode (it)  into tDataIn
   split tDataIn by "

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