Stacks Hiding Behind Backdrop?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Nov 29 15:29:42 EST 2003

Hi Jaqueline,

> On 11/29/03 2:16 AM, katir at wrote:
>> is anyone else experiencing the annoying "winking out" of stack stack
>> behind a backdrop that has been set?
>> Scenario is: set the backdrop to black, open a Rev stack. then open
>> on the mac. do some emails, click on the Rev stack to
>> activate and it suddenly disappears. Actually it is open, but "jumps"
>> behind the background which acts like  an opaque layer such that the
>> stacks underneath cannot be seen unless you chose the from the window
>> menu. This is quite annoying.
> Since it is customary to hide the backdrop when the user switches out 
> of the app,
> and re-show it when they switch back in, how about something like this:
> on suspend
>  set the backdrop to none
> end suspend
> on resume
>  set the backdrop to "black"
> end resume

I tried this in the palette stack, that did not disappear:

on resume
   toplevel "the eaten stack"
end resume

which didn't work...

I will try your example immediately (at least tomorrow ;-)

But will bugzilla it anyway, because it hink that ALL window should 
appear when the
user closes the finder-window in this particular case...

Ah, idea!!! ;-)
I will also have to play with the "mouseUpinBackdrop" message...
Might be useful, too...

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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