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Sat Nov 29 14:05:48 EST 2003

Another thing to note about the Developer Edition of FileMaker is that 
it does not produce multi-user applications. If your database is for 
use by a single person, you can build a royalty-free app with the 
Developer Edition. If your database is multi-user, there is no escape 
from purchasing FileMaker for each user.

As for a general comparison, FileMaker is a database with a nice set of 
interface tools. Revolution is an interface toolkit with a nice set of 
database-access tools. Revolution gives you _much_ more flexibility in 
interface design.

If your database and interface needs are within FileMaker's abilities 
and your application is strongly data-oriented, FileMaker is a great 
choice. If you need a database faster/more powerful/more robust than 
FileMaker, Revolution allows you to use Valentine, PostgreSQL, MySQL, 
Oracle, and other databases. If your interface needs outweigh your 
database needs, Revolution is easier/more capable than FileMaker.


Geoff Canyon
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On Nov 27, 2003, at 6:58 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> And of course, when you're done and you want to share your app with 
> others,
> with FileMaper you'll need to either make sure the other user has a
> FileMaker license or buy the $500 Developer Edition to build standalone
> apps.  The $149 version of Rev lets you build standalones for one 
> platform,
> and the other Rev packages let you develop and deploy on nearly all 
> modern
> desktop operating systems.

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