Understanding Aqua Windows

David Egbert degbert at mac.com
Fri Nov 28 22:55:24 EST 2003

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question.  I think in my situation
going modeless might be the way to go.

My goal is to make an application GUI that my clients can't tell if I built
it with RunRev or Interface Builder. I would hope that this would be the
RunRev team's as well.

Thanks again for the comments.

Dave Egbert

On 11/28/03 6:18 PM, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Jason Spencer wrote:
>> "Bad form" is displaying an inconsistent or confusing interface to the
>> user. The pinstripes help set apart editable areas from areas having do
>> do with the operations of the application. This window I'm using now to
>> write mail, for example, has pinstripes under the icons for "Send" and
>> "Attach" and such. The section of the window I'm typing in of course
>> does not. I don't think the original intent of the HIG would be to have
>> all of these areas white, just because this happens to be a
>> document-style window. That would be more visually confusing and ugly.
> Of course,  But if you were working in a drawing app the pinstripes would be
> inappropriate in the content region.  With something as flexible as Rev, why
> should the presume to be able to determine what your content area is?
> If you need a window without other modes such as pointer (like the email
> window you mention) just set the style to modeless.

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