Database - Update from Data Entry/Query form

Melvin Cox melcox at
Thu Nov 27 17:19:16 EST 2003

My update statement is now fully functional.

My sincere thanks for the assistance provided.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Melvin Cox


Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Wed Nov 26 04:13:57 EST 2003


--- Brian Maher <plsntbreez at> wrote:
>Hi Melvin,
>You may want to send the entire trace log to the
>RunRev folks for analysis along with your sample stack.
>There is definitely a problem.

Well, I looked over his test stack ; is that close
enough ? :-)

I guess the confusion is mainly my fault, as I was the
one to point out revExecuteSQL as a way of executing
queries. (*)
- The revExecuteSQL command is explained in the
Transcript Dictionary ; its first parameter is a
databaseID (aka connectionID).
- The revExecuteWithQuery command on the other hand,
is not documented ; its first parameter is the name of
a query whose connection you need.

So in Melvin's stack, the script should have called
  put revConnectionOfQuery("PeopleUpdate") \
      into tConnectionID
  revExecuteSQL tConnectionID, tSQLQuery
  revExecuteWithQuery "PeopleUpdate", tSQLQuery

Now, apart from this confusion, there are a few things
I'd like to mention.

- The undocumented database calls can be found by
reviewing the frontscript named "revDatabase".
-> Open the message box
-> Click on the 6th button in its toolbar
-> This brings you to the list of Front Scripts
-> Doubleclick the line "revDatabase"

- Make sure the query you're referring to, actually
exists ; in Melvin's test stack, there was no query
"PeopleUpdate" defined using the Database Query

- When you're using these undocumented database calls,
always put quotes around the name of queries, so
instead of :
    revRefreshQuery PeopleUpdate
you should script :
    revRefreshQuery "PeopleUpdate"

- Oh, and always make sure to check 'the result' after
calling a command. In this case, it would have happily
informed you :
    revdberr, invalid connection id
and maybe then my brains would have kicked in :)

So in short, my apologies for leading you astray ; I
hope that the above helps you out and may prevent
future errors.

Best regards,

Jan Schenkel.

(*) That's why you pay Rev for support incidents ; on
this free list, sometimes you may get the wrong answer
; mistakes happen ; for penitention, I'll go and make
that new version of my report test stack now...

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  
(La Rochefoucauld)

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