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Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Thu Nov 27 10:31:47 EST 2003


>[1] Can I declare an object to be a button? And run scripts when it 
>is clicked on?

A button, a locked field, an image, a graphic, and a window (the card 
itself) can all initiate & respond to mouse events.

>[2] The Enterprise version is ODBC-aware? Then I should be able to 
>find a way to hook into it via AppleScripting for changing data. 
>However, command/control and inter-operability with other apps would 
>still be something of an issue.

It's been discussed on the list; but I have not followed the thread.

>[3] How does Rev deal with the passage of time and Idle() 
>activities? Can it be set to check for a change in status? Or does 
>it require an outside agent to activate a script? Example: Every 60 
>seconds do myCheck(). Or does something have to nudge it, as an 
>external applescript would do by calling a ScriptMaker script inside 
>of an FMP datafile?

Revolution supports idle messages; but the use of on idle handlers is 
discouraged...in favor of

  send "message" [to control] in time [seconds|ticks|milliseconds].

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