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>Greetings Brian and Xavier,
>Thanks for the quick responses.

always a pleasure!

>Yes, I'm dinking around with the tutorial and getting the impression
>that Revolution is not the relational database thing I was searching
>for on TUCOWS, where I found it. It's an advanced HyperCard system. I
>did some things with HyperCard in the 80s. But not very much.

Relational is a relative word! ;)) But it is relational - it can certainly 
be multiuser
too. Depends on how you implement it!

>Building a relational database in Revolution could be a bit of a
>bother. However, Brian's suggestion of using an FMP Solution behind the
>Revolution GUI seems interesting as FMP's limited graphics capabilities
>present a problem to a project I'm grappling with. I need something on
>which I can depict a map, move/show/hide icons, display textual
>information based on information held in a relational database
>environment. It would be best if it was an integrated system instead of
>a hybrid, but it may have to be the latter.

>Has anyone built a relational database management system to work with
>Revolution? One they'd be willing to sell?

I have one but it is still completely based in HC with lots of externals 
and which
was 100 times faster than FMP at the time - and only 7 times more complex. 

But importation took 2 days for 800,000 records (including indexing mind 
on an old PPC 8500.

It sure would take less time today since RR is much faster.

The way to do it is to flatten out the relational records into a flat db 
or include the ids to
the linked records (like a simple/double-linked list)... You have one big 
with the indexes and another stack with the the data. This solves most of 
relational search problems you would have to implement. Takes time to 
the index and links but after that it's just basic navigation... 

If your data is fixed, it's easy. There are also external commands for 
DBs like Jovis and I forgot which other one. They simplify the task but 
make your
stack more complicated.

>...enough of this for now. I have to go prepare a bird for the feast.

Happy turkey

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