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On 27/11/2003 14:19:59 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>I'm looking for information to help me consider Revolution as an option
>for developing more sophisticated databases. I've just downloaded and
>unlocked the 30-day example version.
>I'm very familiar with FileMaker Pro. I'm somewhat familiar with Access.
>Is there anything someone can point me to that provides a compare and
>contrast analysis of Revolution to FMP?

In FMP, all the db work is done for you, in RR you have to do the db 
you need - you can always reuse these for later. In case you want to use 
sql engine, your work is just to make the wrappers for the sql commands 
I think this is not necessary). The layouts are far more supperior in RR 
they can be more interactive and offer more intelligence (pre-typing, 
etc...) but
you have to script those FMP functionalities by yourself!

>Additionally, I've a few questions:
>[1] Are there plans to enhance Revolution's AppleEvent awareness? One
>of the features I've benefited from with FMP is its robust
>AppleScripting capability. It has been a life-saver via
>inter-application activities. Automation of graphics generation helped
>us reduce our head-count by 60% and product errors by 98% in the first
>year of implementation. Currently I see few calls available in
>Revolution's AppleScript Dictionary.

If im correct, you can ask RR via AS to call any RR script so this 
shouldn't be
any problem - and as a bonus, you dont have to mess with AS's sometimes
temperamental and prose-heavy scripts to dialog with RR. 

>[2] If I do development work with the 30-day trial version, can my work
>accomplished in that be opened with the live version? I trust so. But
>just want to be certain.

It was the case before with MC (which is how I got my license approved)... 

Dont know though... If you make a sample stack and save it, and can
reopen it later (with the demo) you should be safe...

Go for it Chuck!

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