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Sorry, I might have missed this but if you use OSX then do the internet 
sharing from the Mac side. It is much easier to share an internet 
account in the sharing preference pane on Mac then from the PC side. 
You can share an ethernet or DSL or Cable or Wireless that way. If you 
use OS9 then definitely try the ipnetrouter method.  I used it for 
years on OS9.

I prefer not to use a crossover cable but instead use a hub. A hub 
gives you the chance to see feedback lights when this goes bad 
occasionally. A hub is a cheap thing to have and if you do decide to 
add another computer it is already to go.

Since then I use Airport and wireless cards throughout the house. Much 
better than running cables.


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> sign up for it.)

Macintosh PowerBook G-4 OSX 10.3.1, OS 9.2.2, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, Rev 

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