IDE inspectors should reveal all properties

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 26 12:12:47 EST 2003

> Can anyone enlighten us as to the rationale behind RunRev's decision to
> "mask off" from the development the option to deal with certain
> properties via the property inspector? I think the armborder *was* an
> available property in the Metacard property inspector.

It seems pretty much like any other program that lets you set property
values (Illustrator, Flash, etc.): the most commonly-used properties are in
the palette, with related ones grouped together in each Inspector pane.

However IDEs are a unique breed, which is why ToolBook and VB also include a
Property Sheet, a single palette that lets you set any property in an

And there's a Property Sheet for Rev too, the 4W_Props plug-in available
through RevNet and at my Revolution Embassy page:


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