IDE inspectors should reveal all properties

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Wed Nov 26 07:21:39 EST 2003

--- Graham Samuel <livfoss at> wrote:
> >On Tue, 25 Nov 2003 15:27:14 -1000, Sannyasin
> Sivakatirswami 
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> "artifacts" on 
> >dynamically moving button on
> 	Windows)
> >[...]
> >Can anyone enlighten us as to the rationale behind
> RunRev's decision to
> >"mask off" from the development the option to deal
> with certain
> >properties via the property inspector? I think the
> armborder *was* an
> >available property in the Metacard property
> inspector.
> >
> >   We mentioned this before in relation to "Button"
> and "Menu"   where,
> >sometimes one want a button to look and feel like a
> button, and yet
> >behave like a pull down menu. This was easily
> achieved in MC as the
> >property inspector showed all such properties that
> could be set...  But
> >now, with Rev it's a bit of a headache. If you
> chose a "menu" from the
> >tools you get a property inspector that is
> "crippled" with respect to
> >what you can do the object, which is a "button" in
> the docs, with a
> >property list that is only partially accessible
> except from the msg
> >box.
> >
> >Anyway this case is closed... but I wonder if we
> shouldn't feature
> >request
> >   that the properties inspector reveal all
> properties to the user...
> Yes, I'm sure we should - I have been hung up by
> this a number of 
> times in different contexts, and I'm sure many of us
> have. It doesn't 
> just apply to buttons (e.g. the menuBar property of
> a stack is not 
> inspected). I'd vote for it (if I had any votes
> left!).
> Sorry for changing the subject line: it was getting
> somewhat irrelevant IMHO.
> Graham

There are indeed a few properties that somehow didn't
show up in the panels of the properties palette. In
this case, I'm sure there's room for them in the
'Icons and Border' panel.
As for the SmartProperties type of palette, I do hope
that the Rev IDE designers will stay as far away as
possible from the VisualStudio Properties setup. I
like the current setup.

Just my two eurocents,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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