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Wed Nov 26 01:49:47 CST 2003

On 26/11/2003 08:01:19 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
>--- "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at>
>> > This was easily achieved in MC as the
>> > property inspector showed all such
>> > properties that could be set...
>> I think a better approach would be to offer all
>> the properties for an
>> object in the inspector, and let the tool
>> palette act as simply a shortcut method of
>> setting an object to act a certain way.
>maybe write a handler that puts all of the
>properties of an object into a field with the
>value of each property right next to it
>on the same line.
>this worked easily with custom properties
>and has been very helpful.

These functionalities are part of my control browser X mod 
for Metacard for more than a year now!!!!!!!!!! 


After 58 downloads and not one bit of feedback, I haven't fixed 
those functionalities which I dont use! And have not been motivated 
to post further improvements! Supply and demand!  Without
feedback, I have little incentive to improve it faster and I just keep 
laughing to myself whenever I see these posts!

But despair not, Im integrating this into a new tool call XTool 
for both RR and MC which beats most of the shortcomings of 
the current environments which are far from practical IMOHO.

Since the download link is broken (nobody reported it either!), 
you'll have to wait another 8 hours for the latest release!

As opposed to the old Control Browser, this one offers content, 
script, props, custom props editing and management with a 
colorful hierarchical group browser and I have at least a dozen 
more features to add on!

If you care to motivate me or improve your scrpiting efficiency, try me!

Im also working but very slowly on the RR Script editor replacement
but more news about that next year...

Visit us at

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