way to bypass "default browser"?

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Tue Nov 25 19:19:45 EST 2003

On 11/25/03 2:30 PM, "Rob Gould" <rgould8 at aol.com> wrote:

> I've got an app that relies on Internet Explorer - - if the user has
> Safari set up as their default browser on Mac OS X, is there a way I can
> do a brute-force "launch http://www.registrationwebsite.com with
> Internet Explorer", no matter what the default browser is set to?

One way would be to create launch file with IE type and creator codes and
launch the document.  The following writes an HTML file to the temp
directory and launches the URL in an IE browser window (adapted from a
"brute force" launching script I posted some time ago):

on mouseUp
  launchFile "http://www.runrev.com/"
end mouseUp

on launchFile tURL
  put the tempName into tLaunchPath
  set itemDel to "/"
  put "temp_launch.html" into last item of tLaunchPath
  set itemDel to ","
  put createHTML(tURL) into tCode
  set the fileType to "MSIETEXT"
  put tCode into url ("file:" & tLaunchPath)
  delete char 1 of tLaunchPath
  replace "/" with ":" in tLaunchPath
  put "tell application" && quote & "Finder" & quote & cr &\
      "open file" && quote & tLaunchPath & quote & cr &\
      "end tell" into S
  do S as AppleScript
end launchFile

function createHTML tURL
  put \
      "<html>" & return &\
      "<head>" & return &\
      "<meta http-equiv=" & quote & "Refresh" & quote && "content=" &\
      quote & "0; URL=" & tURL & quote & ">" & return &\
      "<title>Launcher</title>" & return &\
      "</head>" & return &\
      "<body>" & return &\
      "<center>" & return &\
      "<BR><BR><BR>" & return &\
      "Loading URL. One moment please..." & return &\
      "</center>" & return &\
      "</body>" & return &\
      "</html>" into tCode
  return tCode
end createHTML


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