Database - Update from Data Entry/Query form

Melvin Cox melcox at
Tue Nov 25 17:05:14 CST 2003


Unfortunately, I receive the same results with the simplified UPDATE 

I am running against Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 and Revolution 
2.1 on a Windows 2000 platform. The Sybase server is local.

To insure that the problem is not caused by something in my code, I have 
created an entirely new stack with three fields ("fname", "mname" and 
"lname"), and three buttons (Query, Update and Clear).  The Query button 
calls a hard coded select statement.  It correctly populates the three 
fields, with "mname" being null in the selected row.  The Update button 
calls your simplified update statement.

Once again, I observe the same "non" behavior reported in my previous email.

A check of the Record Set within the Database Query Builder shows the select 
statement used by the Query button, not the update statement.

I have checked the ODBC manager and verified the connection.

I have run the new stack with the 'Cache result set' checkbox in the Query 
Builder ticked and un-ticked.  When ticked, the mname field shows "NULL", 
when unticked, it shows a bold vertical bar.

Through the "Sybase Central" utility, I have confirmed that the my user id 
has full update permission on the table in question.

I would most sincerely appreciate any thoughts from the group on this.  My 
evaluation/application development efforts have ground to a halt....

Many thanks,

Melvin Cox

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--- Melvin Cox <melcox at> wrote:
 > Jan:
 > Thanks once again for your informed assistance.
 > Unfortunately, I can NOT get any update to run from
 > my test application.
 > I have simplified my script to its barest elements,
 > and have attempted to
 > run the revExecuteSQL statement with a hard coded
 > SQL statement.
 > I have confirmed the correctness of the generated
 > update statement, through
 > a 3rd Party isql utility, using the same user id and
 > password.
 > The syntax appears correct: 'update people set mname
 > = 'Joseph' where 0 = 0
 > and pid = 'GILMORE,C''
 > As there is absolutely NO sign of network activity,
 > it appears that the SQL
 > is never sent to the database server.  The database
 > error log is clear of
 > all warnings.
 > My testing for errors via a
 > "revDatabaseConnectResult" statement returns the
 > following message:  "revdberr,invalid cursor id".
 > Question: Is it necessary to include a databaseID,
 > when referencing an
 > existing query?
 > I'm flabbergasted!
 > M.C.

Hi Melvin,

I would get rid of the "0 = 0" bit in the WHERE
clause. And try from a button :
   put "UPDATE people SET mname = 'Joseph' " & \
       "WHERE pid = 'GILMORE,C' ;" into tQuery
   revExecuteSQL "SomeQuery", tQuery
(where SomeQuery is a query with the correct
connection info, and which is also set to remain open
until the stack closes)

If that doesn't work and you don't get an error,
there's something else in the way.
Out of curiosity, which database are you using ? If
it's MySQL, you should tick the 'Cache result set'
checbox in the Query Builder.

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  
(La Rochefoucauld)

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