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OK you guys,

I think you guys forgot that I am way new to REV, so syntax is tripping 
me up big time. I have been able to communicate TO the device but not 
get any desired result from the device.
Do I need to read from device in order to get the result or should the 
result be a part of the write to process being returned ? I want to 
learn more but this is way beginner stuff concerning the proper syntax 
and expected results.

I just need to get to first base and then I can start playing around to 
learn the ins and outs of the rest.



On Nov 25, 2003, at 12:45 AM, Dar Scott wrote:

> On Monday, November 24, 2003, at 06:22 PM, Sarah wrote:
>>>> I have found that on OS X the write needs to end in a LF with the 
>>>> serial drivers I use.  I think this is a Revolution bug.
>>> Hmmm, I'm not sure that it's a bug in Revolution. Using the Keyspan 
>>> drivers and my device, I get strange behavior if I add an LF after 
>>> the data I send. Things are fine if I send individual characters.
>>> I think it was Sarah who said that you needed to use an LF with the 
>>> Keyspan drivers in another case, so it might be a device specific 
>>> thing.
>> Not guilty in this case :-)
>> I think Jason is right - it is device specific. I have tested a 
>> couple of different devices and one needs ASCII 13 while one needs 
>> CRLF. I haven't actually found one that needs LF on it's own. Dar 
>> reported problems using anything other than LF but that has not been 
>> my experience, at least not since Rev 2.1 when OS X serial actually 
>> started to work.
> On my mac, on OS X on recent versions through 10.2.8 and Revolution 
> with serial on OS X through 2.1.1, a LF is required for any data to go 
> out on any device I have tested.  It might be device specific, but it 
> includes two USB adaptors and the internal modem, if so.  I suspect 
> that Revolution is not setting termios parameters completely.  Maybe 
> you two have used other software to access the devices and that 
> software initialized some parameters that are remembered.  I have 
> considered using shell to try to fiddle with parameters before the 
> open.
> I think serial I/O bug reports are at a low priority.
> Dar Scott
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