No images when copying htmltext from Rev field to email client

RGould8 at RGould8 at
Mon Nov 24 22:14:15 EST 2003

My apologies if this email is coming through as not text-only - - - I'm 
trying a new email client, and won't know the outcome until I see how it looks on 
the listserve...

My question:

If I've got a web-page with images and text displayed within an html-enabled 
field in my Revolution app, and I have a button that says:

set the clipboardData["HTML"] to the htmltext of field "htmldisplay"

and then the user does a PASTE from the clipboard to their email app (in this 
case, the AOL email client), I'm finding that the text and text formatting 
pastes ok, but the pictures don't come through (does leave space for the 
pictures, however).  

Can anyone tell me if this is a result of the AOL email client not receiving 
the link to the pasted images properly, or is this a Revolution issue?  (or am 
I misunderstanding what should happen when I copy html-text from a field to 
the clipboard to an email client?)  I was under the impression that the image 
src= tags would come through and just work when pasted into another app that 
can understand such tags.

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