Border screen "artifacts" on dynamically moving button on Windows

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Nov 24 21:03:51 EST 2003

More feed back from users... this seems to be on all Windows machines 
and only with the "left click" button on the mouse... which, for some 
reason enables the vis of the border of a button whose show border 
property is set to false.

On Nov 24, 2003, at 12:07 PM, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Ok, more Windows aggravatiom for a presentation I have made  which, if 
> you don't mind a long download, (11 meg, 155 pieces of art embedded)  
> a little dose of Saivite Hinduism and some beautiful graphics, you can 
> view the beta version of at:
> the main presentation card that does the "slide show" uses a 
> transparent button whose icon is dynamically set to different images 
> that live as resources on card two (which the user never sees). I put 
> in a handler to allow the user to reduce or enlarge the artwork, and 
> move the button on the screen accordingly.
> This is implemented by simply trapping,
> in the stack script,  for a mouseup on the button "artwork"
> on mouseup
>   if the target contains "artwork" then viewFullArt
> end mouseup
> ## This handles does the job of pulling an id for the art and resizing 
> it up or down:
> on viewFullArt
>   put (3000+gNowShowing) into tPicture
>   if the width of image id tPicture = 540 then ## we need to reduce 
> the picture.
>     hide fld "sideViewText"
>     lock screen
>     set the rect of image id tPicture to 0,0,290,290
>     set the loc of btn "artwork" to 369,171
>     show fld "slokaTitle"
>     show fld "SlokaText"
>     unlock screen with visual effect dissolve fast
> ## our user on windows is now seeing a border around the button
>   else ## it's already reduced and we need to enlarge it
>     hide fld "slokaTitle"
>     hide fld "slokaText"
>     put fld "slokaTitle" & cr & cr & fld "slokaText" into fld 
> "SideViewText"
>     show fld "sideViewText"
>     set the loc of btn "artwork" to 279,279
>     lock screen
>     set the width of  image id tPicture to 540
>     set the height of image id tPicture to 540
>     set the textstyle of line 3 of fld "sideViewText" to bold
>     set the textsize of line 3 of fld "SideViewText" to 18
>   end if
> ## our user now says the border of the button in it's previous 
> location persists at that location
> end viewFullArt
> Very simple and works beautifully on a Mac and also on many Windows 
> machines. But one windows tester reports:
>> Left click on image enlarges pic to page left but outlines pic with 
>> single
>> lined box,  with text moving to page right.  A second left click and 
>> pic
>> shrinks to page center top, text moves to bottom (all as expected 
>> from original
>> format) but box persists.  The single line box is now centered and 
>> moved
>> towards top, but size is so large that it cuts through titles and 
>> sloka text.
>> The text is dominate in title areas, but in sloka area text coexists 
>> with box
>> outline.  In the sloka area the with box outline and the text both 
>> appear as if
>> someone on an old typewriter overstruck the text with a hyphen.
> I don't know precisely what is going on  as I cannot replicate the 
> problem... but it appears that, though the button is transparent and 
> the showborder is false, showfocusborder is also false, that we are 
> getting some border artifact "bleed through-hangover" in the dos 
> machine's video card nevertheless. The difference in the fields 
> appearance is because I have set some of them to opaque and others to 
> opaque=false (transparent fields) which I can fix, (all should be 
> opaque) but the issue is I can figure out is the appearance and 
> persistence of a border for the button when their should be none.
> Can anyone help? Is this a known issue? Any work arounds? Can any one 
> replicate this? (download and try on your windows machine.) I don't 
> know what else to turn off for the button... I see I have it set to 3D 
> (a default) maybe that is it... or some more locking and unlocking 
> needs to be done to force the video card to refresh? Does the 3D 
> property affect the appearance of a border even if the showborder is 
> false?
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