Making Screensavers with Revolution -sb-OS

Monte Goulding monte at
Mon Nov 24 16:46:25 CST 2003

> Hi Jim,
> I tried the mousemove method:
> on mousemove
>   quit
> End mousemove
> But it does not work on the Windows OS for a screensaver
> application (.scr).
> The screensaver will launch from Windows but immediately quits as if you
> moved the mouse... Even if the mouse is completely stationary.

You might want to try something like the following:

local sOldMouseLoc

on mouseMove x,y
 if sOldMouseloc = "" then put x,y into sOldMouseLoc
 if sOldMouseLoc <> x,y then quit
end mouseMove
> It is my understanding that Windows handles all of the functions of a
> screensaver made in the .scr format but your application has to have a
> function that waits for the Windows message sent to it to know
> when to quit.
> I need to know what that message name is or how it is implemented.  I did
> some searching around but haven't found anything yet...

Rev doesn't have such a message. You need to handle the events yourself
(which should be easy).



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