Making Screensavers with Revolution

Mike Brown mike at
Mon Nov 24 17:28:50 EST 2003

Hi Jim,

I tried the mousemove method:

on mousemove
End mousemove 

But it does not work on the Windows OS for a screensaver application (.scr).
The screensaver will launch from Windows but immediately quits as if you
moved the mouse... Even if the mouse is completely stationary.

It is my understanding that Windows handles all of the functions of a
screensaver made in the .scr format but your application has to have a
function that waits for the Windows message sent to it to know when to quit.

I need to know what that message name is or how it is implemented.  I did
some searching around but haven't found anything yet...


Mike Brown
Cyber-NY Interactive

> From: "Jim Lambert" <jiml at>
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> Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:09:44 -0800
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> Subject: RE: Making Screensavers with Revolution
> <I am making a screensaver for Windows OS by changing the ".exe" extension
> of
> my Rev Standalone to ".scr".  It works great and displays as expected>
> Neat.
> <but it does not quit after a mouse movement or key command.  Does anyone
> know the
> function or call sent out by Windows to the .scr to trigger the screensaver
> to quit?>
> Isn't it the responsibilty of your app to quit if a key is pressed or the
> mouse moves, rather than the OS'?
> Maye you just need:
> on mousemove
> quit
> end mousemove
> on keydown whichKey
> quit
> -- and maybe a pass in here someplace
> end keydown
> jim lambert
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