cgi create card script question

pbower at pbower at
Sun Nov 23 17:14:00 EST 2003

My basic problem:

 I can create a card in a stack using buttons and the command line but this fails when the command is given from an otherwise fully functional cgi script.    details.....

running apache on a linux computer:
I have  a stack "test1" in my cgi-bin folder
I have cgi scripts running mc executing everything just fine except

for the life of me when I have this code in the cgi script.........

start using stack "test1"
create card
save stack "test1"
close stack "test1"

nothing happens.
The rest of the script runs without a hitch.

if I directly open stack "test1" from within Revolution  and from the message box type 

create card

or even

send "create card" to stack "test1"

this works just fine, a new card is created.

Any thoughts why the same commard when run from inside a cgi script will not execute?
The permissions are set correctly on the stack for read/write/execute.

I am at a loss.



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