How Rev saved Thanksgiving

Bruce Laidlaw wbl at
Sun Nov 23 21:31:15 EST 2003


send "answer GoToBed? with Yes" to me in 30 seconds

works, as does

send "answer GoToBed? with Maybe"  to me in 30 seconds


send "answer GoToBed? with No"  to me in 30 seconds

does not!

PS. Thanks for adding "mavin, maven, mayvin" to my vocabulary!!

Bruce Laidlaw

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>Subject: How Rev saved Thanksgiving and made me a better person
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>Those who know me also know that if I can't cook something in the 
>microwave in a few minutes, it is likely not to get made. But I make an 
>exception at Thanksgiving and go whole hog, which takes me a couple of 
>days, and today I made the bread.
>I used to make all my own bread (as well as my own soap, though we 
>didn't eat that) but ever since I discovered scripting I lost all 
>interest in the kitchen arts. The last time I put homemade bread in the 
>oven, I went upstairs to my office, got immersed in some handler or 
>another, and ended up with a two burnt bricks and a fair amount of 
>smoke. It would appear that I can't (or won't) hear the oven timer when 
>I'm at my computer.
>But I didn't want to write a timer stack for a one-shot deal. So I just 
>typed this into Rev's message box:
>   send "answer bread" to me in 3000 seconds
>And then I went web surfing and forgot all about it, as usual, in spite 
>of my best intentions.
>Fifty minutes later a dialog pops up on my screen: "bread". Bingo. Rev 
>saves Thanksgiving and everyone thinks I'm a mavin. :)

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