Can a group have a label -sb-OS

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You've found a bug in the IDE... You need to do two things:
 - report it to bugzilla
 - edit your group label via script rather than the inspector



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> I have a group (it's a cluster of check boxes) with a name which I 
> show, neatly inserted into the group's border. I want to be able to 
> change this name according to the (human) language of the user. The 
> way I accomplish this in other parts of my scripting is to change an 
> object's label, so as to alter its appearance while retaining its 
> original name for scripting purposes. This works AFAIK for all types 
> of objects.
> In the object inspector for the group, I can see the label and I can 
> set it without the IDE complaining (haven't tried it by script yet), 
> but when I do this my code fails because the 'background can't be 
> found'. It turns out on inspecting again that the group's label is 
> now empty and the group's NAME has been changed to the text I put in 
> the label.
> Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround (apart from the 
> obvious one of abandoning the use of the group's label and just 
> adding a label field to carry the info)?
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