Can a group have a label

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sun Nov 23 19:14:31 EST 2003

I have a group (it's a cluster of check boxes) with a name which I 
show, neatly inserted into the group's border. I want to be able to 
change this name according to the (human) language of the user. The 
way I accomplish this in other parts of my scripting is to change an 
object's label, so as to alter its appearance while retaining its 
original name for scripting purposes. This works AFAIK for all types 
of objects.

In the object inspector for the group, I can see the label and I can 
set it without the IDE complaining (haven't tried it by script yet), 
but when I do this my code fails because the 'background can't be 
found'. It turns out on inspecting again that the group's label is 
now empty and the group's NAME has been changed to the text I put in 
the label.

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround (apart from the 
obvious one of abandoning the use of the group's label and just 
adding a label field to carry the info)?


          Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France

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