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On Nov 23, 2003, at 3:37 PM, Roger Guay wrote:

> Hi folks,
> In the Sample Stacks of Rev 2.1.2,   I found xmltree-view.rev.  Can 
> anyone tell me more about this?  The "?" button doesn't work and I 
> would like to know how to use this stack.
> TIA, Roger
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xmltree-view is a stack that Tuviah Snyder and I (no relation) worked 
on to exercise the XML external, which he originally developed for me.

We never did get around to documenting the stack itself (which is why 
the "?" button doesn't work).

Look at the scripts in the buttons to observe ways to use the XML 
external. Of interest might be the "Create XML from stack" button, 
which demos a recursive stack traversal that creates XML. The field 
shows how to operate an outline using XML calls. (I recently had 
occasion to revisit these scripts and found a bug in "Create XML from 
stack": the RETURN in DoAddControls should be tLocalN-1, not tLocalN). 
The treeview stack has a substack which has test routines for all the 
functions/commands in the XML external.


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