Backdrop eats stacks...? yumm, yumm...?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Nov 23 06:58:52 CST 2003

Hi Swami and Thomas J McGrath III,

> I have had problems with this as well.
> THere is a message for minimize - iconifyStack
> But there is not a message if the user changes the 
> screenSize/screenResolution through the OS - so be warned, if the user 
> does this you will have to have the software quit and reset on 
> openStack.
> I don't know why the backdrop does this but it is a problem. I have 
> also had a problem where the back drop covers my own stack when 
> playing with minimize maximize etc.
> TOm
> On Nov 21, 2003, at 9:34 PM, Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> Beta testers for a simple slide show presentation are pointing out to 
>> me that if they minimize the window, the entire backdrop I have set 
>> covers the screen and they are left without any toolbar.... or access 
>> to their desktop
>>  (I set the backdrop to a dark blue which covers the user's desktop 
>> entirely at start up of the presentation.)
>> Is there a way to trap for the mimimize window action such that we 
>> can toggle the backdrop on and off?
>> TIA
>> Sannyasin Sivakatirswami

I have another and quite annoying problem with the backdrop, too.

They may be related somehow...

I have a stack where the user can do something with an image and later 
i have an
AppleSript which reveals that file in the finder...

There is a toplevel stack and a palette.

Now with a backdrop the AppleScripts works fine and reveals the file in 
a finder window.

The "missing stack" is visible behind the finder window and before the 
but when i click on the backdrop or the "missing stack", the palette 
and the toplevel-stack DISAPPEARS, big fun...

I tried to script a "resume" handler in the palette window, but with no 

on resume
   toplevel "the missing stack"
end resume

Does not work, although that stack is "in the openstacks"...

Any ideas for another workaround?
Except setting "the missing stack" to palette, too?

Is this a bug, and if yes, has somebody already reported it?

Do you think that the whole app, including backdrop!, should be hidden 
when switching
to finder/desktop or another app and again shown when switching back? 
Would this be "normal" behaviour?
Isn't the backdrop confusing the user in that case?

What do yout think?

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