Standalones for CGI?

Alex Rice alex at
Sun Nov 23 03:12:23 EST 2003

On Nov 22, 2003, at 12:44 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> I'm getting requests for a server-side version of WebMerge, and it 
> would be
> most convenient to deploy a standalone for that.  However, in my 
> testing I
> have been unable to get a BSD standalone to run on my server, even 
> though
> the BSD engine works great by itself.
> As an alternative solution I suppose I could just supply the engine 
> for BSD
> along with a password-protected stackfile called by my .mt script, but 
> it
> would take one element out of the installation if I could use a 
> standalone.
> Is this possible?  If so, what might I be doing wrong?

I hope it is possible. This is an area that's really confusing. This 
gets back to the issue of - just what is it that the Distribution 
Builder does exactly? Maybe the Metacard distribution builder sheds 
light on this.

On Linux, and I'm sure BSD is the same way, when running a standalone 
from the commandline I get

./appname: Can't open display

This means the standalone demands to be an X Windows GUI program and 
won't proceed unless the user is running X, and the $DISPLAY can be 
connected to.

As for why the revolution engine itself doesn't have this limitation- 
that is the mystery I guess.

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