Speeding up array initialization

jbv jbv.silences at Club-Internet.fr
Sat Nov 22 14:19:40 EST 2003


> > QUESTION : is there a way to speed up things to initialize this array ?
> If he array is to be empty it may not matter, but if the array is to contain
> data and the data is in some delimited format you can use the split command
> to convert it to an array and the combine command to convert it back if
> needed.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I already tried that : please correct me if I'm
wrong, but it looks like the split command only works for 1 dimensional
array. I mean : if the variable contains only 1 line of comma-separated items,
then "split myVar using comma" will produce a 1 dimension array.
But if myVar contains several lines of comma-separated items, then unexpected
results are produced? Anyway, the split command doesn't seem to be tailored
for arrays with more than 1 dimension...

Furthermore, I tried to produce 2-dimension arrays from 1-dimension array :
    put 0 into S[1]
    put S into T[1]
but that doesn't work..;

Am I missing something ?


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