TextStyle Inheritance

curry curry at pair.com
Sat Nov 22 01:39:19 EST 2003

Dear Revvies,

There is currently a question over whether Rev's way of handling text 
font, size, and style should be changed and whether changing it would 
be a problem for backward compatibility.

If you haven't noticed, text style inheritance in Revolution is not 
completely intuitive. If you have a field with no style of its own 
and then you set its size, you may expect the font to remain 
inherited, but this is not the case; the font is set by Revolution to 
a specific font when you set a size. The reverse is also true.

The result is that you can have surprises when moving stacks between 
platforms, or doing other tasks where you would like to change a font 
at a higher level such as stack, and expect to see the effects in all 
the fields where you didn't specify a font. Instead, all of the 
fields which have any of these properties set also have their own 
individual settings for the other properties, so there is no 
inheritance at runtime and they need to be changed one by one if you 
need to change them.

So, do you think it would be better to change the feature to have 
true inheritance and (IMO) more intuitive and more useful behavior?

I wonder what the majority of Rev users think about it. Also, it's 
good to be aware of the behavior so that you don't get surprised!

You can read more about the behavior and the feature request here:



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