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Fri Nov 21 19:44:05 EST 2003

On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 05:21  PM, tuviah snyder wrote:

>> 1) Get and Set LSP Movie Variables
>> 2) Execute Sprite events
>> 3) Monitor the download of a QuickTime movie from an internet location
>> 4) Change the balance, bass and treble of an audio track
>> 5) Remove the volume control or step buttons from the QuickTime player
>> controller
> Great stuff! Any chance you can integrate it with Tim's external to 
> support
> movie editing? Would be useful if this could be the start of an 
> ultimate QT
> external, with anything not implemented in the engine being integrated 
> in
> the external. The engine would of course be modified to remove any
> limitations that the external may run into, such as installing a custom
> MCAction Filer)

Yeah,  I will integrate Tim's stuff tonight and post a new version.  As 
Tim mentioned in his article you can't save a movie that is open in 
Revolution.  You have to do a save as.  That would be one limitation 
that would be nice to remove as well.

> We should set up a special section in the Rev site for external
> contributions. This along with a better SDK, and possibly an
> external-related mailing list could enable more rev developers to build
> custom solutions and externals.

This would be great.

>> Right now it has only been compiled for OS X as that is the only C
>> development environment I have access to.
> Well if there's enough request for it, we can compile it.

Well, I would like to make the first request then :)

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